Top 5 Clothing Optional Beaches in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is the land of wonders which is prominently known for its stunning beaches and lush greenery. The region is also home to one of the most stunning beaches in the world. Many beach lovers wonder if there are clothing-optional beaches in Costa Rica to plan their visit.

If you are also looking for the best clothing optional beaches in Costa Rica then this blog is definitely for you. In this blog, we shall make a detailed discussion on the clothing-optional beaches in Costa Rica.

What are the Clothing Optional Beaches?

Before we make our discussion on the clothing optional beaches in Costa Rica, let’s get to understand this particular type of beach first. Well, the clothing optional beaches in Costa Rica in general are those beaches where beach lovers can opt for the nude bath. Yes, a significant chunk of beach lovers prefer for the clothing optional beaches from all around the world.

This type of beach lover generally either prefers privacy for nude bathing or simply doesn’t care about their privacy and goes on for nude bathing. Some countries in the world legally provide clothing optional beaches to beach lovers. This is the reason why many wonder about the question of whether are there clothing optional beaches in Costa Rica.

Are There Clothing Optional Beaches in Costa Rica?

Well, a large number of beach lovers believe that there are clothing optional beaches in Costa Rica. However, this belief is not altogether true since nude bathing is legally not allowed in Costa Rica. Yet there are some remote regions in Costa Rica where one can find few clothing optional beaches.

It must be taken into consideration that these beaches are somewhat flexible with nude bathing and this scenario is not yet broadly acceptable. In conclusion, one can yet find some limited numbers of the clothing optional beaches in the country.

Clothing Optional Beaches in Costa Rica

Well, since you are here to find the clothing optional beaches in Costa Rica, there are definitely some for you. Here below you can check out some of the best clothing optional beaches in Costa Rica.

1.    Club Mi Amor

Club Mi Amor is the first clothing-optional beach on our list that perfectly serves the purpose of our readers. The beach is easy to locate as it’s located between the capital city of San Jose and the coast. You can find it at about 40 miles of distance from the Santa Maria airport. The beach is luxurious in itself offering the perfect accommodations to all types of budgets.

It also has a wonderful American landscape theme with waterfalls around. The clothing optional bathing is available both during the day and night, however, the nights are always special here. The food, entertainment, private wash, and all other types of facilities are conveniently available at the beach.

2.    Manuel Antonio Beach

Manual Antonio Beach is the first place in our list that is highly popular among all tourists. This spot is particularly special for both normal beach lovers and also for nude bathers. As you visit this beach you will find a great crowd of visitors having their normal conventional bath. However, as you move to the north of the beach you will find another spot open for nude beach lovers. This is exactly the clothing-optional area of the beach where you would exactly want to be.

Remember this spot is not actually quite big and thus you will have to manage with the limited space. Also, this region of the beach is very popular for gay and lesbian couples. So prepare yourself for all the fun in a somewhat unconventional environment. The locals also call this beach as the Playa De Playos and it’s definitely worth your visit.

3.    Hotel Vila Roca

Well, this is another wonderful beach in our list of clothing optional beaches in Costa Rica. It is basically the resort owned by a gay individual who allows a really good environment for people of all genders. Although the resort during the daytime doesn’t work as the clothing optional beach, however after 10 PM there is all the freedom. So if you are seeking some great night beach vibes then this is the place for you. The resort is located under the gorgeous lush greenery with amazing wildlife views. Doesn’t matter if you are gay, lesbian, or straight gender, the resort welcomes all types of visitors.

4.    Montezuma Beach

This particular beach in our list is pretty special for two reasons of its affordability and the culture mixup. Since the beach is cost-effective thus it attracts a plethora of visitors from all around the world. This is how it creates a lovely mixup of different cultural people. You will usually see all the backpackers, musicians, and street surfers roaming around the beach. The good thing is that you will definitely come across your type of beach lover there.

The beach is open for all types of genders and their taste in the environment around them. The specific area of the beach is clothing optional where you can enjoy the nude bath freely. You will have a great mix of all the entertainment here at a very cost-effective range. Feel free to plan your visit to this beach and it will definitely be the most memorable one.

5.    Play Luna

Play Luna is our last yet one of the most glorious beaches in Costa Rica. This beach meets the requirements of clothing optional beaches in Costa Rica since It’s lesser known. Yes, very few are aware of this beach at present as it’s tucked away from the bustling tourist hubs. The beach welcomes all types of beach lovers for their entertainment in their own way.

If you are a conventional beach lover, you can find your place among the like people. Also if you are the clothing optional individual then still you will get your own zone to enjoy your time as well. The beach is located at the Pristine coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula and you will not face any difficulty finding it. So, pack your bag and schedule your visit to this beach to enjoy the free-flow clothing optional bath with your buddies or random friends.


If are yet asking that are there clothing optional beaches in Costa Rica, then the answer is yes. However, the number of such beaches is very limited to the visitors unlike as it’s rumored. Costa Rica is a gorgeous island with a breathtaking landscape for the beach lovers. The beaches mentioned in the blog are available as the clothing-optional beaches in Costa Rica.

We thus hope that this blog will provide some worthy information on the best clothing-optional beaches in Costa Rica. Feel free to share the blog with your buddies and plan your glamorous clothing-optional visit to Costa Rica soon.

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