8 Things To Do in Seneca Lake New York

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Seneca Lake with its unparalleled beauty is the epitome of an ideal tourist destination for visitors from all around the world. The lake is nestled in the heart of New York’s Finger Lake region and offers tons of attractions to visitors. If you are considering planning your visit to the Seneca lake from locally or any part of the world then this blog is definitely for you.

The blog is dedicated to all the traveling enthusiasts making their search for the best things to do in Seneca Lake New York. So feel free to proceed through the blog and explore this ultimate piece of natural beauty for yourself. We shall uncover all the gorgeous waterfalls, sprawling vineyards, and the charming town that is located around the lake.

Things To Do in Seneca Lake New York

Seneca Lake is one of those regions in New York State where everyone can get to enjoy his/her favorite sort of activities. The lake has so much to offer whether it’s the outdoor adventure or sitting still and gazing at the sprawling waterfalls. Well, since we are here to make things easier for you to let you make the most of your visit to Seneca Lake. Feel free to check out the best things to do in Seneca Lake New York as a solo or group visitor.

1. Watkins Glen State Park

One of the biggest attractions of Seneca Lake is Watkins Glen State Park which also makes to the top of our list. If you are fond of gazing and enjoying the peerless waterfalls then this is the place for you. The park offers a huge number of 19 cascading waterfalls between the rock walls. The place is surrounded by lush greenery and stone bridges giving it the perfect cast of natural vibes.

This place is so magical that for a moment you will get the nostalgia of watching your favorite jungle documentary. The park remains open all around the year however the trail activities are available only in the summers. You can also enjoy a simple walk or trailing by your interests. If you love heights then Gorge Trails is definitely for you to explore in the park.

2. Drive Alongside the Scenic Byway of Seneca Lake

As you enter the Finger Lake region and move towards the Seneca Lake, you will come across the spectacular byway of the lake. Without a doubt, this drive is one of the best things to do in Seneca Lake New York. As you drive through the byway you will come across the jaw-dropping scenic views of the lake. The views include the lush forest, dense farms, spectacular vineyards, and overall an amazing view. You can also make a stop there and take a moment to gaze at the view with all of your eyes and heart. The drive becomes truly mesmerizing, especially during the fall foliage season.

3. The Scenic Cruise at Seneca

Now it’s probably the time to get into the Lake itself and get the most out of it by actually riding across. Fortunately, the lake now has a cruise service that you can easily board as a solo or group traveler. Boarding the cruise you can go around the Seneca harbor station making the most of the lake ride.

The cruise ride is special in itself as it also provides a dining option from Tuesday to Thursday. Not to forget the add-on of the lively music in the ride that makes it an absolute blast of weekends. So this is our other recommendation to the list of best things to do in Seneca Lake New York.

4. The Village of Montour Falls

Nobody would want to miss the sprawling view of the waterfalls with the Village underneath. This is what you get when you make your visit to the Village of Montour Falls. You can reach this region by heading to S Franklin Street NY 14 to the South of Watkins Glen. It’s a proper Village whose beauty gets a boost with the presence of several waterfalls.

Aunt Sarah’s Falls is the majestic waterfall of the village that you must not miss out on. As you walk through the Village, you will find more waterfalls and several hiking spots. Overall this Village is going to give you the best of your visit to Seneca Lake.

5. Visit to the Town of Geneva

The visit to Geneva town is another add-on to the list of things to do in Seneca Lake New York. This town is quite famous as the Lake trout capital of the world for all the right reasons. With a history of over 200 years, this village is the prime farming land at the lakeside. It has several breweries and wineries for those who wish to have some classical taste in their visit.

Not to forget if some of you love fishing then Geneva is the ideal destination to do lots of fishing. As you take the walk downtown you will find several art galleries, music venues, bars, tasting rooms, etc. Overall the visit to this gorgeous town will make your visit to the Seneca lake further memorable.

6. Taste the Seneca Lake Wineries

If you are visiting Seneca Lake then you should not miss out on the Taste of Wineries. The region is home to some of the best Wineries in the world that offer a fresh and pure blend of vibe. There are several Finger Lake Wineries in the region that you can easily encounter on your visit. Our advice would be to make your visit to any of these Wineries and sit down and enjoy the perfect view of the region with the blast taste of wine. Wagner vineyards and Lakewood vineyards are some of our top recommendations to explore.

7. Culinary Delights

How can we forget our foodies to suggest they not missing out on the Culinary delights of Seneca Lake? This is the place where you will get the perfect blend of farm-to-table dining and artisanal food. There are several farmer’s markets where you can enjoy the local Culinary delights for your rich taste. Also, you can find your downtown food collection such as the pizzerias, classic delis, tacos, and bakeries stuff. You can find several restaurants in the region offering a rich blend of food for your taste.

8. Visit the Finger Lake National Forest

The Finger Lake is prominently famous as the national forest and thus you can’t miss out on your visit to it. It is another park on our list of things to do in Seneca Lake New York. The park is a special add-on for those who want to have the great fun of outdoor adventure on their visit. The park is spread over a mammoth area of over 1600 acres of mountainous forest.

The good thing is park remains open without any admission fees throughout the year. You must have seen that colorful autumn in the movies and this is exactly what you will get to witness in this park. Moreover, the park is an ideal place for hiking, trailing, biking, camping, and any sort of outdoor activities.


Seneca Lake is world world-famous tourist destination that is known for its unparalleled beauty and the plethora of outdoor activities. Whether it’s the perfect lake-side view or the mammoth forest to mountainous waterfalls, you will get to explore it all here. The region of Seneca Lake promises an unforgettable and lifelong memorable experience to every visitor. So pack your bags today and embark upon all the things to do in Seneca Lake New York the blog. Feel free to share the blog with your friends and family and let them get thrilled too to their visit to Seneca Lake.

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