Things To Do in New York City with Teens

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Exploring life from the dimensions of New York City can be one of the most exciting adventures for any family. The task comes both as a challenge and an opportunity for the parents to make their teen kids see the world. If you are a parent and making your search for things to do in New York City with teens, then we can certainly help you. In this blog, we are going to recommend some of the iconic things to do with teens in New York City.

The blog will cover all the iconic places and the activities that can be planned with teenage kids. However, the parents can also make the most of these activities since New York City has it all. So, feel free to get into the blog and explore all the things to do in New York City with teens and other family members.

Things To Do in New York City with Teens

Deciding things to do with teens in New York City can be a difficult task since the city has so much to explore. We are here to simplify things for our readers in the correct order so that they don’t miss out on the best. Below is the simplified order of the things to do with a teen in New York City right from day 1.

The Top View from the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is an iconic state emblem and is famous for its mountainous height. It is also the famous landmark of the city attracting visitors of all age groups. The best thing about this building is that it offers the best view of the entire city. This is the reason why we have picked it as the first spot in our list especially for teenagers. You can take your kids there and let them have a full and proper view of the city to create both awareness and excitement.

The building remains open for visitors daily including the weekends. One thing is assured that at the top of the building, you will see a whole different view of the city. It is advisable to plan the evening time visit to witness the amazing skyline view. Overall the Empire State Building offers the best alternative to the sky scarper for those who love heights. It is one of our favorite things To do in New York City with teens list.

Rockefeller Center Tour

Since you are planning to provide your kids with some quality engagement time then why not show them the actual place of their favorite TV shows? Yes,, we are talking about the Rockefeller Center Tour the place where most of the TV shows are shot. Be it the Gossip Girl, Sopranos and the Seindeid all of these TV shows have been filmed here. This place will certainly make your teen kids relive their childhood on the real ground. The bus Tour is available to the location almost the whole time of the day. This tour can be highly pleasant to rejoice in the memory line for a long time. It is one of our favorite things To do in New York City with teens list.

9/11 Memorial

A visit to the 9/11 Memorial is one of the most recommended things to do in New York City with teens. Especially as your kids are growing up in their teenage thus they should have an idea of American history. The place is more like a museum and the Memorial at the same time reminding the attack on the World Trade Center. While this is not a place of entertainment for the kids it will enlighten their wisdom and understanding of the world. It is one of our favorite things To do in New York City with teens list.

The Statute of Liberty

The world feels tempted by the Statute of Liberty representing the freedom and the democracy of American civilization. This is one of the best places for your teen kids to let them know about the decorum of their country. The sculpture of the Liberty represents several things right from freedom to hope. It was gifted to America by France and to date, it remains the spectacular symbol of architecture monument. It is also the world’s heritage site and thus your kids definitely need visit to it.

New York City Subway Ride

A ride to the world’s largest and busiest underground rail system can be spectacular for any age. Yes, we are talking about the subway station which is 150 years the world’s oldest station in the world. Getting your kids there will do two things first it will make them witness the world’s largest subway station. The second it will make them learn to travel across the new york city most inexpensively and quickly. The subway station will also let the teens know about the real exposure of the city’s residents.

Times Square: The Most Liveliest Spot

Times Square is a world-famous spot and is also famous as the mecca of modern-day urbanization. This is the coolest place to witness the world’s up-to-date technology, artwork, lights, and everything else you can imagine. The place is also highly popular among kids and teens as one of their dream places to visit. They will witness and observe the brightest and the coolest aspects of NYC there. It is one of our favorite things To do in New York City with teens list.

Luna Park

It’s time to have some outdoor fun with your kids just like a picture-perfect picnic spot. Yes, the 200-year-old Luna Park is there to provide your kids with a whole lot of fun in their outings. Being the iconic amusement park it offers rides, beaches, carnival vibe food, and vibrant nightlife. Don’t forget to enjoy the thrilling roller coaster ride to make the more fun with your teens. Moreover, teens and the whole family can find a lot of shopping to do at this place. It is one of our favorite things To do in New York City with teens list. So it’s the time to let loose and have all the family fun at the iconic Luna Park.

Street Art in Bushwick

Teens and kids are often the big fans and followers of street art trends. The street art show in Bushwick is worth visiting place to witness the iconic street art in the world. It has colorful murals, graffiti, outdoor galleries, and other types of trending artwork. This place is heaven not just for teens but for every art lover of any age. So don’t miss out on having the family visit one of the most special places in NYC.  It is one of our favorite things To do in New York City with teens list.

Final Words

New York is the city of dreams from all of its aspects offering a world to explore all around. This makes it difficult for one to choose the best places to visit in the city, especially for one particular age group. There are endless adventure and exploration places for teen kids to witness in the city. We have tried our best to include some of the best places and things to do in New York City with teens. Feel free to share the blog with your teenage friends and their families and do let us know your opinion of choice.

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