Swimming with Sea Manatee: The Cutest Manatee in the Role of Sea Guardian

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The world beneath the ocean is full of wonders and the mystery of marine life. The Sea Manatee is one of the majestic and gentle giant creatures that we can explore beneath the sea and also on the surface. Sea Manatees are truly the wonder of marine life that never ceases to captivate the heart of any spectators exploring the realm of the sea. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the depth of the sea to capture the beauty of lesser-known and explored sea Manatees. In this blog the readers will also get to the answer to their questions of are Manatees dangerous,are Manatees friendly, are Manatees aggressive and are Manatees nice etc

The Secret Life of Sea Manatee Beneath the Sea

Sea Manatees are popularly known as sea cows and belong to the species of Sirenia. It is the same species that includes the steller’s cow, another sea animal that has gone extinct now. Sea Manatees are giant captivating creatures with their slow and lumbering movements. One can see them mostly beneath the sea since they remain deep down the ocean. Sea Manatees are herbivores and the majority of them are found in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. The other specific specification of this beautiful marine creature is that it’s mostly found in warm water. You can’t find the sea Manatees in Antarctica and the other part of the ocean where the cold water persists. The regional geography of the sea manatees is Florida, South, and Central America where you will witness the majority of Sea Manatees.

Physiology and the Adaptations of Majestic Sea Manatees

Sea Manatees are unique aquatic creatures that are blessed with unique adaptation capabilities to survive in the severe environment under the sea. They are one of the few rare marine creatures capable of swimming in both the salt and the fresh water. Here below we are listing down the other unique adaptation capabilities of Sea Manatee.

  • The Unique Streamlined Body Shape

Sea Manatees are truly the wonder of nature and nature has built them just like the warrior of sea. These creatures have a unique torpedo-like streamlined body shape which makes which helps them reduce water resistance. It simply means that with their streamlined body, they can flawlessly swim deep down the surface of the sea. This specific shape also saves them a significant amount of energy and effort to navigate across any point of the sea.

  • The Cow Alike Herbivores Diet

Sea Manatees are called sea cows for the genuine reason of their diet structure. These majestic creatures feed only on the sea grass and the other types of plants and algae available under the sea. Nature has designed them to maintain the ecosystem of the sea and they flawlessly revolve around the norms of the same. They potentially contribute to the growth and optimum health of the seagrass beds. Many of us won’t believe that these giant creatures are able to survive on the green herbivores’ diet.

  • The Unique Breathing Pattern

Many of us have the perception towards marine creatures that they breathe only under the water. However, the gorgeous and the giant-looking sea manatees set the exception here. These creatures have a unique breathing pattern which is called the obligate air breather. It simply means that these creatures need to take the oxygen from the outer surface of the water from the open environment just like humans. For the same reason, they need to regularly come out on the surface to carry the required amount of oxygen in their body. With the same amount of oxygen, they can survive under the sea for a longer duration under the sea. Their extraordinarily large lungs immensely help them in their unique capability.

Behavioral Pattern of Sea Manatees

Many of us wonder and ask, are Manatees are nice? Or are Manatees dangerous to human exposure? The answer to both these questions is that No sea manatees are not harmful to humans in any form. In fact, they are one of the most friendly and nonaggressive marine creatures in the history of sea exploration. Thanks to their herbivore’s diet they don’t consider humans as any interest to their consumption in any form. So, if you ask us are Manatees friendly? We would reply that they are the cutest Manatee in terms of their look and behavioral habits. Here below is more insight into the behavioral pattern of Sea Manatees.

  • Playful and the Non-Aggressive Creatures

If you ask us are Manatees aggressive? Our straightforward answer would be not at all and they are rather as playful as the household pet. Sea Manatees are known for their extra friendly nature with humans and they are even used to human exposure. You would witness many of the sea manatees coming near to the humans around their boats or even in the sailing or ocean surf. Their nature is very calm in all the circumstances causing no threat to the humans as such.

  • Resting and the Grazing Habits

Sea Manatees spend most of their time Resting on the seagrass bed and minding their own business. They come to the surface of the ocean for their daily oxygen requirement and then they go down for their food intake. It is astonishing to note that sea manatees require food amounts equivalent to their body weight. The more astonishing fact is that they fulfill this quota merely from the sea grass and the green plant diet.

  • Communication and the Verbal Capabilities

Sea Manatees are generally very calm and less to their verbal communication however they do have a very complex communication pattern. They generally do verbal communication by chirping, whistling, and squeaking. They mostly use their communication pattern to communicate with their calves and with the other sea manatees.

The Potential Migratory Capabilities

Sea Manatees are all self-reliant for their safety and survival in their day-to-day lives. Their body is unique to sense the changes in the bottom of the water of the ocean. Often at times it happens when they notice the ocean water changing with its temperature due to the change in climate etc. On such occasions, the sea manatees travel long distances as their course of migration to the suitable and ideal water temperature for their survival.

  • The Conservation and the Threats to the Sea Manatees

Sea Manatees are highly loved sea creatures by everyone but sadly they are also on the course of extinction. The creatures are very limited already in their existence primarily in the selected part of the Atlantic and the Caribbean sea. There are further challenges to their survival caused mostly by humans in several forms. Here below are some of the potential forms of threat to the sea manatees.

  • The Loss of their Habitats

Sea Manatees spend 80% of their time Resting on the seagrass bed which is their shelter of survival. Unfortunately in the present times, the ideal amount of seagrass bed is getting disrupted in its quantity due to pollution and human intervention at the bottom of the sea. This is causing a potential threat to the shelter and the food availability of the sea manatees and the significant percentage of their population is vanishing gradually.

  • Collision with the Ships and Boats

In the present time, humans have invaded the sea to the extent of making it their transportation route. For the same reason, it often happens that sea manatees collide with ships and boats causing serious and fatal injuries. A significant portion of the sea manatees is losing their lives each year in such accidents. This is the other potential cause of threat to their population.

  • Pollution & The Climate Change

Sea Climate is subject to frequent changes and in recent times, it’s becoming even more frequent. The constant invasion of humans is raising the potential level of Pollution in the sea. This same amount of Pollution is the cause of climate change in the sea along with other troubles. This frequent change in the climate and the constantly rising Pollution is what makes it harder for the sea manatees to survive.


Sea Manatees are one of those wonderful sea creatures that cause literally 0% harm to anything in the environment including humans and other aquatic creatures beneath the sea. We hope now that you won’t ask this question for more that whether are manatees dangerous, if are Manatees friendly and if are Manatees aggressive These cutest manatee silently contribute to keeping the inner and the deeper environment of the sea fully healthy for all the sea creatures. Yet unfortunately we are not able to keep these majestic and playful creatures happy in their place. Human invasion and interference are what cause the most amount of damage to the sea manatees. It’s high time when the governments and we as humans need to put our efforts into the conservation of this amazing sea creature. You don’t need to ask whether are Manatees are nice,  rather they are the cutest manatee and the most innocent sea creature which deserves all the love from us in the form of their healthy habitat as their well-justified right.

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