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Are you looking forward to planning the onset of this summer at the glorious and chilling Venis beach?  If yes then we have got you covered with the schedule of things to do with kids near Venice Beach. This blog is going to be highly worthy for anyone who wants to discover the enchanting vibes at the beach of Venice. We will cover all the aspects as to why one should look forward to planning their summer vacations at this glorious beach with the kids and family.

The beach of Venice has historic vibes as it was founded back in 1905 by the Tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney. Having a history of more than 100 years the Beach of Venice has gone through transitions from time to time. Before 1905 the beach was nothing but a mere Marshland with nothing extraordinary. It was the vision of Abbot Kinney to turn this beach into an amusement park along with the Renaissance resort facilities.

Venice Beach Foreground

The beach of Venice today is known as the coastal gem with the foreground of sun-kissed glorious shores. One can also refer to this beach as the epitome of West Coast charm for its artistic flair and renowned bohemian vibes. The beach not only has the vibes of blissful spirits but is also known as the heaven for families seeking pure adventure. It’s the place to live one’s beachy imagination at full throttle whether it’s for adults or kids. One can also find things to do with kids near Venice Beach.

There are a plethora of things to do with Kids near Venice Beach and this is what makes it ideal for families. The beach is perfectly ideal for all types of demographics since it has a dedicated set of activities for all sets of populations. Right from kids to adults, even bodybuilders can enjoy their time at the beach line indulging in various activities themselves.

The Iconic Attractions of Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of the most popular beaches not just in the USA but across the world itself since it has global visitors. The beach has its vibes nothing less than the Disney Land or any other such world-famous amusement park. The beach is home to several Iconic attractions that capture the raw imaginations of every age individual. If you are an artist then you can rejoice the artist wonders, similarly the other individuals can enjoy the adventure activities at the beach. In a nutshell, Venice Beach is a momentous amusement park that has all that one can ever crave in their beachy imagination. Here below is the list of top central attractions of Venice Beach for all the enthusiasts. One can also take these attractions as things to do with kids near Venice Beach.

Venice Beach Boardwalk

If you are someone who enjoys the hustle and bustle of shopping attractions gathering along with your calm swimming rides then you are at the right place. The Boardwalk at Venice Beach can offer you a comprehensive promenade that stretches all along the coastline. The beach also contains many shops, eateries, and other types of vendors that have everything you need. Not just this,  one can also find unique and attractive handcrafted goods and souvenirs as well. To vanish one’s boredom there is always the street dance culture to make the most of one’s visit to the beach. The Broadway can also be a set of  things to do with kids near Venice Beach.

Venice Skate Park

The skating park is another central point of attraction at Venice Beach. The park is located near the intersection point of the ocean. This point is known as the mecca for all the skateboarders and BMX riders at the beach. If you are wondering about the things to do with kids near Venice Beach then skating can be one among them. The best thing about the skating park is that it has an exclusive environment for both beginners and pro skaters. Other than this the park also offers an impressive variety of ramps, rails bowls, etc. Using these facilities the skaters can test and improve their skating abilities.

Venice Canals

If you want to move away from the hustle and bustle of beachside then Venice Canals should be your choice. The canals at the beach are inspired by the famed canals of  Italy and offer alike landscapes. It has charming homes and the utmost greenery in the surroundings to offer the perfect picturesque. Visitors can also stroll alongside the pedestrian walkways and cross the arched bridges of the canals. The canals offer a very peaceful environment to all the visitors who want to immerse themselves in nature. One can also find things to do with kids near Venice Beach.

Muscle Beach

This is the iconic and exotic side of the ice beach which has entirely different vibes than the other parts. As the name suggests this is the outdoor gym arena of the beach suited for bodybuilders and fitness freak. Muscle Beach is right beside the boardwalk region and was established back in the 1930s. At this point, one can find the top athletes from the world participating in the open gymming competition. If you are a fitness freak then this is the perfect place for you to showcase your strength and skills. Not only the showcase is there but one can also win great prizes by winning these competitions. One can also find things to do with kids near Venice Beach.

Venice Beach Art Walls

If you are an artist then you can surely find the momentous Venice Beach art walls located at the same park. It is the kind of outdoor gallery exhibition where artists can showcase their art skills. The great thing about this art show is that artists can showcase their skills on the walls. It includes graffiti, vibrant murals, steel art, and the list goes on with other unique additions. The Venice Beach art walls can also be a great opportunity for the artist who wants to gain some fame by their art skills. There are also time-to-time competitions in which one can participate and win great prizes and awards. One can also find things to do with kids near Venice Beach.

Things to Do at Venice Beach

If you are still wondering what things to do with kids near Venice Beach then we are here to guide you through the same. Here below are some numbers of activities that you can indulge in with your family including things to do with kids near Venice Beach.

Beach Volleyball

Who doesn’t like Volleyball especially when the location is as perfect as the iconic Venice beach in itself? Yes, beach Volleyball is one of the most favorite outdoor activities for visitors of every age. No matter whether you have kids or adults you can always enjoy the beach Volleyball at the shorelines. The kids can burn their extra calories and boredom by getting into the beach Volleyball season. Often the game based on the friendly competition is happening at the beach side.


is another famous outdoor sport that is highly enjoyed by kids and teenagers. The game involves riding the small board along the shorelines of the beach. The Venice beach has a gentle slope and shallow water flow making it perfect for Skimboarding. Kids can challenge each other in winning the skimboard race to create their favorite pastime at the beach.

Building Sandcastle

If you have particularly small kids alone who want to enjoy their own creative time then Sandcastle Building is the way. Venice Beach has very soft sand which is just ideal for building the Sandcastle away from the shorelines. It will give ample opportunity and fun to kids to portray their imaginations. They can build towers, moats, bridges, etc as part of their miniature kingdom at sea.

Kite Flying

There is always the different fun in looking at the sky from the landscape of a beach and kite flying is just perfect for the same. No matter if you are a kid or an adult you can always fly in the sky high with your kites. The skies at the Venice beach are wide open giving the perfect vibes for the kite flying. It can also be a great outdoor activity to beat the boredom for the kids and get along with other kids.

Exploring the Pool of Tides

The tides at Venice Beach are often low offering ample opportunities for visitors to enjoy them. One can thus get into the ocean a bit deeper and witness the rocky beach areas. This will give them a thrilling view of witnessing the crabs, starfish, sea marine and the o, and other marine creatures. For the kids, it will be thrilling and full of fun experiences their excitement.


Venice Beach is the perfect package for an outing not just for the kids but for the whole family. It is a lifetime experience to visit this historical Beach and enjoy the free tides at the shore. Many attractions capture the essence of Venice Beach. The perfect blend of art, culture, thrill, and adventure is what makes Venice Beach a world-famous spot. We would recommend you take your kids and the family along to witness the blissful delight of Venice Beach. We also hope that our list of things to do with kids near Venice Beach will help you have a blast of time with your kids.

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