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Are you exploring top 10 secret beaches in Austin Texas to spend the much-needed summer vacations with your friends or family?  If yes then we are definitely here to set things up for you at some secret beach in Austin having the white sand and clear turquoise waves. Austin is known for two things as the center of attraction for the city in Texas. They definitely are either the gorgeous shorelines in the form of beaches or the live music venues. Guess what? You can enjoy both of them in your single visit and we are here to guide you to some of the best secret beaches of this gorgeous city.

Secret Beaches in Austin

Well, the secret beaches are supposed to be the least crowded or it’s better if there is literally none there. Most people look for the secret beach in Austin Texas to spend some relaxing time in solitude. It brings them the opportunity to relax both physically and mentally as well. We are here to suggest you the best secret beaches in Austin to serve your objective ideally. You can below take a look at the top 10 secret beaches in Austin Texas for your calm perfect visit.

1.    Hamilton Pool Preserve

This is probably the most gorgeous beach on our list which is just more than the secret beach. It won’t be wrong if we indeed say it is the natural wonder of Austin in the context of its sublime beauty. This is the beach where you will get the most vegetation with the turquoise water and all of this under the blue sky. The beach isn’t that far from the city region yet you will feel as if you have come far off to some paradise.

The other special feature of this beach is that you will get a waterfall of 50 feet in length. This is what makes it the best spot for those who are fond of both the beach and the waterfall in the same space. Moreover, you can also get indulged in some fun swimming across the beach with your friends and family. We advise you to visit the beach during the weekdays to enjoy a quiet environment for your priority.

Beach location- 23 miles from the west of Austin, Texas highway

2. Roy G Guerrero Colorado River Park

It is the first beach on our list which is although not quite large but has the aspect of being secret. The beach is quite good offering all the standard features such as it does have white sand, hiking, and biking trailing spot. This beach also has an adjoining golf park with it which you can get into just by traveling a bit ahead. You can thus enjoy both the relaxing session at the beach and then get yourself going in the golf game. If you are having a pet then don’t worry the beach is quite ideal to accommodate your furry friend as well. Another big plus is that you don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to reach it since it’s located nearby the city.

Beach location- Alongside the Colorado River in the Roy G Guerrero park

3. Hippie Hollow Park

This is yet another beautiful beach on our list that is not much crowded considering its nearby city location. Hippie Hollow is a decent beach that does have some serious depth too to warn you. It also has an adjoining park which you can certainly enjoy during your beach visit. This beach is controversial for the only reason that you may come across a few individuals walking naked there. Yes, such a sight is often seen at the Hippie park although it’s strictly prohibited yet some just enjoy it that way. The beach is incredibly gorgeous and you can also do some fishing there as per your mood and fun.

Beach location- 7000 Comanche Tri Austin City

4. Russell Park

The third beach in our list brings some high quiet vibes with it giving you the best possible aspect of secrecy. It is a wonderful beach offering an amazing sunset by the end of the day. Aa a secret beach in Austin you will enjoy the peaceful environment around with the fresh breeze. This beach is quite spacious compared to the top two beaches on the list. The beach remains quiet for the most part of the week except on the weekends. You can get all the basic facilities there on this beach including public free showers, restrooms, etc. It is advisable to bring your bedding there if you are going to stay overnight.

Beach location- 25 miles north of Austin

5. Pedernales Falls State Park

This is yet another beach on our list ideal for those who seek both secrecy and fun-loving activities. The beach is placed at the Pedernales River and is having a rock structure. You can use this beach to cool off your head in the scorching hot summer by swimming in the river. Also, it offers other fun-loving activities such as hiking, floating, wading and walking, etc. You can also use the service Kayak and Canoe to add more fun to your trip to this beach. You need to pay for the admission into the beach but it’s definitely worth the price.

Beach location- West of Austin 32 miles on Highway 90

6. Bob Wentz Park

This is the beach for the water sports freak as it offers tons of that all across. The beach has neat blue water flowing under the blue sky. This region particularly gets the strong winds and the effect of the same can be observed in the water waves as well. For some, it’s a perfect thrill to enjoy sailing and windsurfing. If you are seeking some solitude then of course you will get plenty of quiet space for yourself.

Beach location- 7144 Comanche Traill, Austin Texas

7. Sandy Creek Park

This is another quiet beach cum park in the city of Austin and is located on Lake Travis. The beach is accompanied by the dense forest which means it offers the warmth of nature as well. It has the perfect camping sites for those who love adventures and want to make the night stay. The beach has entry fees of roughly $15 per person and is very much worth the price. If you want to experience the best quiet hours then do plan your visit after 10 pm. At this time you will witness the sheer silence of dense forest with the mild sound of water. It may feel creepy to some but it’s definitely the quality secret beach cum park.

Beach location- 9500 lime creek rd Austin

8. Mansfield Dam Park

This beach will give you the best and most calming view, especially during the evening. It is located in the Seculeded cave and has a very quiet, clean, and refreshing swimming and hiking region. You can also plan the night camp around it with friends family or even on a solo basis. It also has a recreational area going farther from the site with a panoramic view of the lake. Overall the beach offers a very relaxing and quiet environment for the most time of the day.

Beach location- 4370 Mansfield Park Austin

9. Lake Pflugerville

Another wonderful destination for our secret beach lovers and with this one they will get to enjoy the proper sun bask. The beach was actually developed to provide drinking water for the locals but it is now also a holiday destination. It is just a distance of 30 minutes from the city of Austin and offers a lovely open view. You will get hiking, fishing, swimming, and all such associated activities on the beach. The facilities of canoe and kayaking are also available there along with water surfing. The great thing is its free access so you don’t need to pay anything and can stay even forever there.

Beach location- 18216 Weiss Ln, Pflugervile Austin

10. Mckinney Falls State Park Beach

You just need to travel 15 minutes in order to reach this lovely spot on one of the most gorgeous beaches in Austin. The beach is rocky in its constitution with gorgeous brown rocks all around it. It offers the perfect waterfall view with an abundance of other activities. You can there enjoy hiking, mountain biking, camping, site seeing, and whatnot. It also has some of the oldest heritage sites of Austin such as the “Old Baldy” which is one of the oldest cypress trees in the country. The entry fee per person is $6 and is definitely justified by what it offers.

Beach location- 5808 Mckinney Falls Austin, Texas


Austin is the land of breathtaking beaches at its different locations however finding the secret beach in Austin is still a task. In fact, the word secret beaches probably don’t hold much applicability in the modern-day world. The beaches in general attract a significant gathering of visitors from the city. This is what makes it extremely rare to find the secret beach however finding the less crowded beach is very much possible. We have included the best beaches of Austin that have the least gathering and one can definitely enjoy a good time with solitude. All of these beaches provide the ultimate experience whether it’s in the form of physical fun loving activities or mental calmness.

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